Senior Managing Director

Michael Ellington

Advisor Headshot

Taking Risk Is Essential—I Help Ease the Stress

I enjoy working with people from whom I can learn. Equally, I enjoy teaching my clients—who are all thoughtful, interesting, entrepreneurial, and kind people—about topics beyond finance.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

My career at Bernstein has lasted more than 20 years because of our firm’s innovative, forward-looking culture. As a whole, we are more than willing to learn from our mistakes, work harder and create better outcomes for our clients. What you will experience from our Houston office, as well as the entire organization, is a collaborative nature in terms of how we problem-solve. For over two decades now, I have been fortunate enough to work alongside smart, ethical colleagues who are also my friends. Everyone is excited to be doing what they do, which I believe is the right attitude to bring to an office. It’s also why I continue to work here.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Stacy, my wonderful wife of 30 years, and I have three amazing children. I love spending time with my kids and watching them grow into the young, responsible adults they have become. As a family, we love grilling out and enjoying a nice cabernet together with friends. Friendship is also very important to me. I view my dearest friends as an extension of our family. Beyond spending time with loved ones, I am also an avid runner. Running is my personal definition of “me time” where I do my best thinking and get ready for my day. To date, I’ve run 12 marathons and a few triathlons.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

I derive great joy from drilling down into the various issues that my clients face and doing my best to come up with ingenious solutions. The hope is always that I can potentially change my clients’ lives for the better. My decades of cap market experience have trained me to learn from every financial crisis and stay calm so I can take away nuggets of wisdom. When working with my clients, my role is to tell them how much risk they need to take. Risk is essential to investing, which is why I am here to help my clients understand what their options are in order to accomplish their goals. Each individual and family has their own unique financial and emotional needs. By marrying both, I help them create successful outcomes.