Zach Gardner

Advisor Headshot

More Than an Advisor

As a former collegiate athlete, I’ve always valued being a part of a team and relying on one another to execute a plan. I exercise my collaboration and social skills to assemble the right network of independent, trusted professionals for my clients.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

For a decade-plus, I worked with thousands of advisors at hundreds of firms across the country. In my investment consultant role, I gained an incredible perspective on the financial services industry. I knew exactly where, what and how I could have the biggest impact on high-net-worth families, endowments, foundations and business owners. My area of expertise has always been distilling complex situations and lingo for my clients. My goal in breaking down complicated jargon is to help clients make more informed decisions, boost their confidence and create the best outcomes. I empower clients by explaining technical nuances. As I work directly with clients and their trusted advisors, it is critical to have world-class research, innovative investment strategies and global thought leadership at my fingertips. Add to that the level of transparency and efficiency that I did not find anywhere else, and joining the firm was a no-brainer.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

Every one of my clients is unique. However, something many share is that they have survived some sort of a major transition. This manifests itself in different forms. Sometimes, it involves helping a business owner prepare in advance of an eventual exit—or evaluating multiple offers around a transaction. At other times, I assist executives in understanding how much of a concentrated stock or closely held business position they should keep, and the best way to unwind the rest. Lastly, I often partner with families to plan wealth transfer or philanthropic strategies—and the most efficient vehicle in which to do it. Regardless of the situation, meticulous planning is always the starting point for any type of evolution. I help clients pre-experience the options that await them so they can confidently decide which one suits them best.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My wife and I love living in Houston and really enjoy raising our two young kids in the eclectic Heights neighborhood. We have great food, a vibrant art scene and a plethora of talented sports teams to cheer on. Go Astros! Not to mention the surplus of nonstop flights to almost anywhere in the world for when we want a change of scenery. We love nothing more than to explore new places, try new foods and experience new things. One of our favorite places to go in the summer is Park City, UT. We never run out of hiking, mountain biking, golf or road cycling options, and the views and food always seem to exceed our expectations.