Regional Senior Managing Director

Brian Haloossim

Advisor Headshot

Ensuring talent and culture match our moral compass

I spent the early part of my life building a career around helping others succeed, from coaching Division 1 college basketball to launching numerous businesses. When I was given the chance to lead a business team of talented people, I embraced it.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

Bernstein has incredibly talented people across the business. We all share several key commonalities; our ability to challenge one another, provide unconditional support in terms of one another’s career development, bring focus to a common goal, and inspire one another even when times are tough. Our goal is to take care of our clients in a way that goes beyond money management. We deliver premium service and world-renowned advice.

What are your areas of expertise in solving problems for clients?

As someone who has helped build several businesses from scratch, I empathize with other business owners. My passion is advising people who have also taken great risks to build their own business. Behind every business owner is a unique and inspiring story that I truly value.

My advising approach is to build a team of key advisors (investment bankers, attorneys, CPAs, valuation experts, etc.) around a business owner to prepare them for a transaction and maximize the value of their liquidity event. I use comprehensive, state-of-the-industry, pre-transaction planning to add dimension to the personal financial impact of a transaction.

I also provide access to relevant, best-in-class industry and company-specific research. I ensure a seasoned private credit team is available as a potential source of capital.

Lastly, I leverage the best independent research on Wall Street to create custom investment portfolios specifically tailored to a business owner’s unique needs and aspirations.

Share one of your most memorable professional accomplishments with us.

Throughout the several decades that I have worked at Bernstein, I've played many roles. Yet, none has been more rewarding than mentoring the talent that drives our business forward and shapes the culture that defines us. I find great fulfillment in finding and developing talent and instilling a collaborative environment that is focused on achieving a common goal. At Bernstein, we believe innovation is necessary to keep moving forward. Advice is not a commodity and it should be customized to a client’s unique circumstances. We will always do what is in the best interest of our clients.