Jean Huang

Advisor Headshot

I Am a Financial Doctor

I approach advising much like a physician would see a new patient. I seek to understand a client’s entire financial situation, including their hopes, dreams, and family dynamics. From there, I create a holistic financial work-up using Bernstein’s deep research and resources.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

From the start, I recognized the distinctiveness of Bernstein’s process. When I was interviewing for my current position, I met dozens of potential Bernstein co-workers. I could sense then that Bernstein was full of passionate, curious, and empathetic people. Everyone at the firm is genuinely concerned for one another’s welfare. Our team works hard every day to do what’s right for our clients and empower them with financial knowledge and education. I feel lucky to be here. And I daresay our clients are fortunate to have found us. Or to put it more eloquently, we are fortunate to have found each other!

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have always been curious about people and what motivates them. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing someone’s story and learning about their journey.  People are fascinating to me and there is always more to learn. The more deeply I understand my clients, the better I can help and guide them.

Books are also a continuous source of education because they provide me with insight into the human condition. My favorite novels include William Faulkner’s Light in August and the Outline Trilogy by Rachel Cusk for their deep and sometimes dangerous ideas. After being inspired by so many great writers, I recently developed a regular writing practice and I’m now working on a memoir. It’s been a rewarding but humbling process, stitching together family stories with postwar Chinese and US history. Outside of reading and writing, I enjoy volunteering, entertaining friends and family, cooking, and hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

I bring my whole self to my practice, including my experience as an international businesswoman and media executive.

To effectively guide clients and tailor my financial advice, I seek to understand the totality of their business and life experience, including what has shaped them and generated their wealth. Money is such a complicated issue. Facilitating effective conversations and financial recommendations draws upon all my professional and personal skills. The challenge is what makes the work so appealing and more captivating than any novel.

I am the mother of two college-age children whom my husband and I raised while working full-time on the west side of Los Angeles. Many clients are concerned with raising children in an “affluenza” environment. My team works with client families on financial education and clarifying their family’s money values.  Financial discussions should not be a chore. I try to bring a sense of humor and empathy to my practice. Life is too short not to.