Peter Scholze

Advisor Headshot

We Take the First Step, Together

If someone had told me I would find a firm that embodies, to the exact degree, the principles I hold dearest—research, global teamwork, sustainability and a purpose-driven focus—I wouldn’t have believed them. Bernstein realized this dream for me.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

My background is in science, specifically biology, and that is the subject where my heart is as well. So, it would make sense that strong research and working within a team environment have always been appealing to me. Lucky for me, I found Bernstein, a firm that seeks to deliver the highest quality, in-depth investment research in the industry. That, coupled with our strong, global investment planning team, ensures that my clients always have access to the most thorough, timely information. This is why they can make decisions calmly and confidently. Having been with the firm for over two decades, I can honestly say our acumen is stronger than ever today. Thanks to Bernstein, I can serve my clients to the best of my ability.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The proverb, by Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is a great inspiration to me. Though simplistic, this same principle applies to a successful investment approach. The most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor is watching my clients take that first step towards establishing a successful long-term plan. Every client has different objectives, portfolios and risk tolerances. This is why I customize a plan that works best for them and their specific circumstances. It is so rewarding to see the joy on my clients’ faces when they realize that their well-implemented investment plan is a success. In my eyes, that all of their personal, family and philanthropic objectives are met. There is no better feeling than that.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

Prior to joining Bernstein, I lived, worked and studied at a marine resource center in the Caribbean. At the time, the local economy was based on two main businesses, tourism and fisheries. For years, the growth in tourism had adversely affected the marine environment and destroyed the reefs and fishing stock. My team and I were tasked with finding solutions that local governments could implement to sustainably balance tourism—and revive the vibrancy of local fishing operations. If I did not work for Bernstein, I would likely be right back in the Caribbean continuing my research!