Richard Johnson

Wealth Isn’t the End Goal—It’s the Starting Point

In the 20 years I’ve been at Bernstein, I’ve been able to help my clients begin anew by means of their wealth. My passion is understanding and bringing their goals to fruition. There is nothing more fulfilling than that.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

At first, I wasn’t sure if financial services was the field for me. Prior to joining Bernstein, I had enjoyed a successful career in technology at International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), a multinational technology company. My frame of reference for financial services, which shows how little I knew at the time, was my stockbroker, a friend since college. However, the more I learned about Bernstein, the more I was convinced it was the firm for me. Bernstein’s depth of research, end-to-end ownership and accountability of the investment process—and unwavering commitment to its clients—made joining the firm an easy decision. Almost 20 years later, the reasons I initially chose to work at Bernstein continue to be the reasons I am still here. Yet, there is another reason I love working here. Every day I work with some of the smartest and most passionate people I have ever known who have one common goal: our clients’ success. Why would I ever leave?

What’s the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

Wealth is a golden opportunity to achieve one’s goals. Everyone’s goals are different, which makes my job interesting, fun and challenging—in a good way. For some clients, a goal could be to provide for their family as well as their family’s families. For others, it may be supporting the causes they care about through impact investing or funding their next successful business venture. My point is that wealth is not the end game—but rather the starting point. It’s a beginning, a chance to hit the restart button and generate a brand new future.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I am fortunate to work with an amazing group of clients who range from business owners and professionals to multigenerational families and professional athletes. While their circumstances and backgrounds are unique, all of my clients have one thing in common: the desire to leverage their success to make a difference.