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John Lenahan

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I Pride Myself on Being a Pioneer

As a disruptor, I constantly challenge traditional models and preconceptions pertaining to how money should be managed. I’m at the forefront when it comes to nontraditional return sources, embracing impact investing and integrating technology.

Share one of your most memorable professional accomplishments with us.

One of my most memorable accomplishments was organizing an extraordinary event comprised of Miami’s top real-estate developers, business leaders and single-family offices. I facilitated a lively discussion on planning for future sea-level rise. The panel that I moderated included Mayor Dan Gelber of the City of Miami Beach who shared the public/private partnership efforts to address risks, Dr. Rachel Silverstein, Executive Director of Miami Waterkeeper, a South Florida nonprofit, who shared the science of sea-level rise and climate change, and Eric Glass, Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager of the Municipal Impact sector at Bernstein, who shared our firm’s approach to responsible investing and supporting the cities in which we work.

Which book had the most profound impact on you and why?

I really enjoyed the biography Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Besides being a big fan of Lin Manuel-Miranda’s acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton, I have always found Alexander Hamilton’s life to be so interesting and inspiring to study. Born in the West Indies, Hamilton found his way to New York, studied law and became an officer in the Revolutionary War. Next, he was hired as President George Washington’s most trusted aide, became America’s foremost attorney and, eventually, the first Secretary of Treasury, a position in which he designed and helped to pass America’s dynamic financial system. He was also a relentless reader and writer who became a leader in the historical American Enlightenment period, which led to the American Revolution and eventually, the creation of the United States of America. Hamilton’s journey from poor immigrant to one of America’s most important Founding Fathers is a fascinating study in determination, work ethic and meritocracy. He is remarkable.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

My practice is focused on global families who are looking to transfer wealth across generations or jurisdictions, business owners and entrepreneurs, particularly those with a long-term intent to sell a business, and ultrahigh-net-worth investors seeking access to highly differentiated investment strategies. Oftentimes, my clients are innovative leaders who enjoy traveling the world and diversifying their experiences. Many of my clients live in various countries across Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. They are passionate about adventure, arts, business, fitness, philanthropy and sports. As a partner to my clients, I strive to have a meaningful impact on the legacy they are creating for their families and society as a whole.