Wealth Advisor

Karise Gaynor-Morgan

Advisor Headshot

Finding Opportunity in Change

Clients facing life transitions need financial clarity, confidence, empathy, and hope. Having been in their shoes, I strive to be a compassionate and trusted advisor who is focused on finding the opportunity in change.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

A firm is only as good as its people. By that standard, Bernstein is exemplary. The people I have the pleasure of working alongside stand in stark contrast to most people's impression of the financial services industry. Where you might expect a callous focus on the bottom line, showiness, opportunism, or greed, Bernstein’s people champion empathy, ethics, vulnerability, and genuine care for our clients. Bernstein’s industry-renowned research is a core part of that care. Clients receive truly thoughtful approaches to wealth management that incorporate their values. Numbers and outcomes are important. But we recognize that clients are so much more than that. We strive to make their money meaningful. I practice at Bernstein because I see my values reflected in the firm. I’m inspired daily and always challenged to improve. I am honored to work here and bring my clients service I’m truly proud of.

How have your values and personal background positioned you to work with your clients?

Transition is a theme in my life, both personally and professionally. From leaving a difficult childhood to navigating divorce as a new mother and then blending into a new family, I’m no stranger to the pain and loss that comes with great change. Professionally, I’ve had to face the fear of three different career and industry pivots, from a practicing attorney to a business leader to a private wealth advisor. Having overcome these challenges, I see value and meaning in these life moments. Surrendering to the process and having grace with yourself and others brings the gifts of wisdom, kindness, and strength. While I work with wealthy families from all walks of life, my practice focuses on clients, especially women, who are facing life transitions like divorce, death or incapacity of a partner, or the sale of a business. Sharing my experience while advising on an aspect core to each of those transitions (finance) brings meaning to my work, allowing me to go above and beyond for my clients.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My passion for my work is rivaled only by my passion for my family and enjoying the cities I call home. Food is central to my life. My husband and I enjoy cooking and baking with our 8-year-old daughter, exploring new recipes and foods. It’s something we can’t wait to share with the daughter we’re expecting early in 2023. Health is another passion of mine and staying active is a priority, which is why we love living on the Mississippi River, enjoying the nature juxtaposed with the most beautiful parts of the Minneapolis skyline. I believe in enjoying where you live and I love the Twin Cities, despite the cold. We have a surprisingly wonderful dining and craft cocktail scene and a vibrant music and art culture. We enjoy live music and museums and I pride myself on being a foodie. Please share restaurant recommendations and I will do the same!