Max Rosen

Advisor Headshot

More than an Advisor

I enthusiastically partner with clients and their outside professional advisors. Building a team to support and assist in the achievement of my clients’ goals has been the hallmark of my decade-long career, and is what keeps me engaged and excited.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My wife and I love to travel the world together in order to experience other cultures. Our mutual passion is food and we often plan our trips around what new restaurants we’d like to try. Of course, I’m the one who creates multiple spreadsheets and double books restaurant reservations to ensure that no matter where we are on any given day, good food is within reach. When I’m not chasing down the perfect meal, I am an avid golfer. The focus, determination, precision and patience needed to excel at golf have always excited me in the same way that my career in wealth management does.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The people at Bernstein are the most pleasant part of my job. This includes the clients with whom I work, my colleagues who are located across the globe and the professional partners with whom I collaborate to bring solutions to complex problems. When all is said and done, people and relationships make the world turn, and I’ve never worked at an organization that embodies this ethos more than Bernstein. Our status as a global boutique asset manager certainly creates structural advantages over the rest of the wealth management industry—yet, it is the integrity of our firm and people that places Bernstein head and shoulders above the competition.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I work with clients from all walks of life such as serial entrepreneurs, multigenerational families, corporate executives and nonprofit organizations. However different they may be, the commonality between my clients is a desire for success and a willingness to work for it. Every client has a unique set of circumstances that inevitably shapes their goals, desires, fears and dreams. I strive to work with individuals who are brave enough to dig deep, and possibly experience some discomfort, in order to determine and recognize their unique attributes. Then after discovering those, we work together to build a financial plan so they can achieve their life mission. Many years ago, Bernstein created a motto for our firm: “We Make Money Meaningful.” Since its introduction, I felt it embodied exactly how I feel when I work with my clients.