Paul Johnson

Advisor Headshot

Leading and Developing Talent

I believe a great leader does not lead by force or fear, but rather, by enabling. My managerial goal is to provide the right opportunities for my team to flourish and consistently grow as professionals. Fortunately, this is also the Bernstein way.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The people at Bernstein are amazing and motivate me on a daily basis. The caliber of my colleagues, at all levels of the firm, is unparalleled. Bernstein identifies talent from all sorts of backgrounds, including theater, philosophy, finance and sports, which makes for a strong, creative and diverse culture. Our company is innovative because it is filled with people who bring unique perspectives to the table. This is what is unique about our firm’s hiring process and it’s why we aren’t your typical finance firm. It’s been exciting to see how a number of my colleagues have built their success at the firm around their passions and interests. As someone who is also well rounded and always ready to dive headfirst into a new hobby, I truly enjoy working with people who also want to learn, explore and expand their knowledge base.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I had a professor in college who held up our textbook on the first day and said, “Your goal isn’t to memorize the text but to learn how to use it to think critically and problem solve.” These words changed my life. In my search for the right firm, Bernstein stood out as a place that also prioritized creativity, innovation and critical thinking. Our firm builds a thesis around each client and uses its own research, which is recognized worldwide as being the best, to help clients handle the complexities of their financial future. Our firm is filled with original thinkers who push one another every day to come up with top-notch solutions to our clients’ problems. As I admired that college professor a great deal, it’s great to see his lesson play out every day at Bernstein.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I love the culinary scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I live. If anyone—a client, family member or friend—is looking for a recommendation, I feel confident directing them to the best burger, ramen bowl, poke bowl, sushi, pasta, pizza or gyro place in town. I’ve tried them all! My wife and I moved to Minnesota back in 2015. So, aside from filling up on all the aforementioned food, we have filled our years here with lots of time in nature, which we soak up through biking, cross-country skiing and kayaking around the countless lakes. This is a truly wonderful city and we love exploring it together.