Scott Mortensen

Advisor Headshot

My Eyes and Ears Are Always Open

I’ve been at Bernstein for 20 years and have built my client roster completely because of referrals. Even the most skeptical clients take my asset management, advanced allocation and estate advice. They trust me.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Golfing, hunting, exercising, spending time with good friends, trying new restaurants and indulging in great wine and even better company are my favorite pastimes. I also love traveling and consider my favorite destinations so far to be Barcelona, London and Rome. I am a relatively relaxed kind of guy who prefers taking in a new city by sitting in a square, rather than going to a museum. Whether it is coffee in the morning or a cocktail at night, I like exploring new places by talking to those around me. Really living in a new city or country, as opposed to doing the traditional tourist activities, always results in making great memories.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

Bernstein’s motto could be aim, ready, fire. There is no better place in my opinion, from the high-speed culture to the endless basin of knowledge. Our greatest asset goes up and down the elevator every day. Being a lifelong learner, it is exciting to work with such cutting-edge thinkers. I have an undying fear of failure and yet it has lessened over time. There’s always someone to help if I’m in over my skis. The level of training that we offer also speaks for itself. I came to the firm from outside of the industry and, with only four other men, have built a $4B business. That tells me we are doing something right! Lastly, the best part of my job is when the most skeptical client takes my advice. There is no better feeling than to convince a 30-year-long stock and bond holder to put their assets into alternative funds. Our top-notch tools make my clients more apt to take chances—and move forward.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I consider myself a conduit that helps clients achieve their goals. It is all about them, not about us. I believe that I have built a business based solely around referrals because clients consider me “one of them.” I connect on a genuine level with the entrepreneurs, global families and corporations that I serve. As a former entrepreneur, I develop trusting relationships in a relatively short period of time and also bring a sense of urgency to the table. I know how quickly small businesses operate and try to match this with my actions. Working with global families later on in my career has been refreshing, exciting and something new for me to sink my teeth into. It’s been thrilling to have my eyes opened to new parts of the world and help clients as they move on to the next journey. Lastly, it is beyond rewarding to help hundreds of people at corporations, e.g., ensuring employees receive their retirement.