Dan Weisman

Advisor Headshot

Made Music Meaningful—Now Making Money Meaningful

My previous career in artist management is best described as the first and last line of defense to prevent clients from getting in the way of themselves. Financial advising is similar as I aim to serve clients and place their needs front and center.

What’s the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

The best way for clients to put their wealth into perspective is to use wealth to provide the perspective. What I mean by this is that wealth is a false summit. Once people reach what they think is the peak, they oftentimes realize that the top of the mountain is now out of their reach. This is because everything is relative. Therefore, I encourage my clients to ask thoughtful questions at every stage of their life, especially before big transitions like liquidity events or major life changes, such as retirement. You often pay the price for eating from the tree of knowledge—but by asking the right questions at key junctures, you won’t have to. A circle of trusted advisors can help facilitate thought-provoking conversations that protect clients from common mistakes.

Share one of your most memorable professional accomplishments with us.

My most memorable professional accomplishment has to be the day I received my first platinum plaque in 2010. My mom was staying at my apartment in Los Angeles. The plaque arrived, I took one look at it and started crying. It cemented years of hard work and sacrifice. Since their introduction in 1976, tons of people have received platinum plaques to commemorate 1 million units sold, however, from my standpoint at the time, a platinum plaque was a universal measure of success in the music business. It represented years of grinding to achieve something great. Since that day, I’ve gotten a number of gold and platinum plaques and was even nominated for a Grammy. Still, that first plaque could’ve been the only one I ever collected. Nothing felt the same after that.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

I am different from other advisors because I come from outside of the industry. In my career, I’ve started businesses that were sold to private equity. I’ve done venture investing and even had a $1 billion exit. I’ve managed multiplatinum, global touring acts and have been nominated for a Grammy myself. I even produced a short film that went to Sundance. You’d be hard-pressed to find another advisor who has as diverse a background and as much real-world experience as me. As a result, I’ve developed a unique ability to bring simplicity to complexity—and solve the most outside-the-box problems. No day was the same when I was managing artists, and no day is ever the same as a financial advisor—if you’re doing things right. My background mixed with my adaptability, ingenuity and problem-solving sets me apart.