Dan Gavin

My Investment Plans Are as Unique as the People I Serve

“There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure,” said Colin L. Powell. For 30 years, these have been my core values and guiding principles when it comes to running a business and serving clients.

What is the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

The families I serve tend to be multigenerational business owner-operators who have spent a lifetime running their family businesses. Oftentimes, they spend years focusing on aspects of their business, like profit and loss, operational efficiency, product leadership, key managers acquisitions.  At the same time, creating personal wealth outside of the business is often top of mind and equally important to my clients. However, day-to-day operations and family needs seem to consistently come first. 

As a second-generation business owner myself, I can certainly say that dilemma is common and one I have experienced myself. For every one of my clients, family, business, health and faith are admirably  their top core values; personal wealth is prioritized directly after.  At some point in time, motivation usually strikes to harness years of labor for their financial benefit, which is when I enter the picture. My role as their financial advisor is to design and manage a highly customized investment plan built around my client’s personal point of view. 

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

Personal financial planning and investing is just that—it’s personal.  Planning and investing are different for everyone and need to reflect the client’s core values. There will always be challenges to overcome, which I plan for as well. 

Every client has at least one unique priority, which is the centerpiece of our planning. Each plan is as unique as the people I am privileged to work with. Some clients want to spend as much as they can, while others want to save as much as possible.  Some want to give money away to causes they care deeply about, while others want to preserve wealth and generate income. Or, there are clients who like to look for that unique investment idea to expand upon an opportunity, while others want to offset a business investment or just track an index.  All of this planning and investing is done under the backdrop of taxes and market risk—or the risk of not taking action. 

My clients are my friends. The most fulfilling aspect of my work is guiding clients through tough economic times, staying on track with our investment plan, and delivering on investment goals.  Over the last 15 years, seeing my clients enjoy their money, enjoy their lives and reach their goals has been a great feeling.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My Dad, John J. Gavin. Dad was a friend to anyone in need while not looking for the spotlight on his generosity.  He was available to talk things over and the one to go to when trouble came along.  He led by example and always stayed calm no matter how difficult the circumstance. His wisdom has gotten better with time, and his guidance on kids, family, marriage, work, school, relationships and attitude toward life all seem truer today than ever before.  Family was always the most important, and his deep commitment to the Catholic faith kept him well grounded.  What a wonderful feeling it was just knowing he was there.  It is my honor to be his son—he continues to be with me to this day.