Managing Director

Alison Smith

Advisor Headshot

Making Intentional Impactful Decisions Together

I love hearing about my clients’ complex problems around wealth and family and helping them find intentional and impactful solutions that are right for their unique situations.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I spent 15 years inspired to join Bernstein. Before coming on board, I got to know Bernstein well. During my time at an ultrahigh-net-worth think-tank, I saw many Bernstein presentations. I used Bernstein products for a responsibly-investing RIA. And while working as a partner at an alternative investment firm, I got to know Bernstein’s alternative platform. I was impressed with each interaction.

Prior to joining Bernstein, I also had insight into how families and foundations were looking at investing. I loved being at the forefront of everything from responsible investing and alternatives to unpacking complex family challenges. Over the years, it became clear to me that Bernstein was simply the best place to meet clients where they are and to support them in their journey. At Bernstein, each team member works collaboratively and tirelessly to deliver the very best outcomes and service every day. 

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

There are many fulfilling aspects. I love helping people reach their goals and potential. I manage up, down, and across to partner with and support my team to be successful and serve our clients at the highest level.

I also enjoy solving complex problems for our clients. There is not one solution that works for every client. I love trying to deeply understand complex problems so I can guide clients to the right solution for their individual circumstances.

Lastly, I especially love being an innovator at the forefront of a changing industry. For example, we’ve evolved our purpose-driven platform to leverage Bernstein’s customized approach. When there is so much greenwashing going on, Bernstein’s work in the responsible investing space is truly inspiring. 

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

From an early age, my two north stars have been integrity and compassion. Perhaps it was volunteering time to clean up local parks or on a cold winter’s night being with my father as he drove home an elderly stranger after seeing her struggle with two very heavy bags of groceries. The messages were clear. Integrity and honesty are at our core. And when you can help, help.

Helping people and solving complex problems around wealth remain central to who I am as an advisor and leader today. Every day I try to hold others’ best interests above my own and do what is right for those around me.

I also approach everything as a life-long learner. After all, everyone has something to learn and something to teach. I want to learn everything I can from others, value what others are sharing, and hear their stories and experiences so that they can add to my wealth of knowledge to make me a better leader.