Benjamin Goetsch

Embracing Complexity and Nuance

In my career I've developed strategies to meet the unique challenges of many of the world's most sophisticated investors. I've most enjoyed marrying the theory of investing with the complexities and nuances of clients' real world situations.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

My top reason for joining Bernstein was the high quality and collaborative nature of its people. I have had the good fortune of working with many outstanding professionals in my career, but Bernstein attracts people with a combination of intellect, enthusiasm, and collegiality that is unrivaled. My colleagues come from a variety of unique backgrounds, providing deep expertise in a wide range of areas and giving me an opportunity to further my professional and personal development. Moreover, Bernstein has a culture of intense collaboration embedded across the firm, making for an enriching and enjoyable workplace that helps to provide our clients with highly valuable solutions to even the most complex challenges.   

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have always enjoyed competitive sports, having participated in both basketball and track and field in college. In recent years, I have become an avid endurance athlete, regularly training for running and triathlon events. In 2019, I completed my first Ironman race and look forward to many new challenges ahead. I try to fit my training sessions into a busy family life. My wife and I spend most of our time outside of work with our two young, energetic children. 

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

One of my favorite aspects of every role I have been in throughout my career has been the opportunity to deeply study a wide variety of topics and apply them to real world situations. If I didn't work for Bernstein, I'd hope to be in a position to continue to learn and contribute, possibly through a role in academia or public policy. I am always intrigued by the degree to which our collective thinking evolves, particularly as our theories are put to the test in reality, and I'd enjoy the opportunity to help navigate those challenges.