Benjamin Goetsch

Advisor Headshot

Embracing Complexity with a Global Mindset

I've developed strategies for many of the world’s most sophisticated investors. This wide range of experiences empowers me to create impactful solutions to our client's unique challenges.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I have always valued chances to learn and explore different areas and strived to connect with new perspectives. Having lived and worked in different countries across Europe, I’ve found that many of my most fulfilling experiences have been centered on leaving my comfort zone and embracing the unfamiliar. Bernstein values diversity across many dimensions, providing a uniquely wide array of perspectives and attracting professionals with a combination of intellect, enthusiasm, and collegiality that is unrivaled. My colleagues come from a variety of unique backgrounds, providing deep expertise in a variety of areas and giving me an opportunity to further my professional and personal development. This diversity of background, expertise, and perspective is not only rewarding for me as a professional who values constant learning, but it is also crucial to gaining an understanding of each of our client’s unique circumstances and challenges and developing solutions.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I am a lifetime competitive athlete, having participated in both basketball and track and field in college. I have found sports to be a foundation for deeper connections with people of various cultures and perspectives, as differences in backgrounds are quickly bridged by our mutual interest in athletics. In recent years, I have become an avid endurance athlete, regularly training for running and triathlon events. In 2019, I completed my first Ironman race and look forward to many new challenges ahead.  I try to fit my training sessions into a busy family life. My wife and I spend most of our time outside of work with our two young, energetic children. 

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

If I didn’t work for Bernstein, I’d likely be in academia, in particular economics. Since a young age I have found joy in deeply exploring new subjects and puzzles, and I’d like nothing more than to do that as a profession. One of my favorite aspects of investing is the ever-present uncertainty and constantly evolving understanding of what drives people and markets. I am fascinated by naturally imperfect application of theory to real-life situations and would be excited to spend my time studying these nuances and perhaps contributing to solutions to difficult problems that we face.