Danielle Belson Kahn

Advisor Headshot

Transplanted Southern Woman

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and loved my upbringing. After college, I made my way to New York City to embark on a career in finance. I still hold true to my Southern roots, but also love the experiences that I’ve had in the Northeast!

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The relationships I have cultivated with my clients are genuinely so special to me. In several ways, clients are my extended family. Many of them have known me since before I was married and before I started a family. I have attended their weddings and funerals. I have traveled to other states to visit them in their homes and often am one of the first to know about their milestones or life cycle events. I have been lucky to have them share in my milestones as well.

I advise my clients to realize how much of their wealth they can spend, when they can retire and how to finance their philanthropic endeavors.

Working with these individuals who I have gotten to know so well and admire so greatlyand helping them achieve financial success and meet their goals along the way—is truly rewarding.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have three children (two sons, ages 8 and 9, and one daughter, age 6), who keep me quite busy. I love taking an active role in their lives, as they mean the world to me. Outside of work, most of my time is spent with them and my husband, either helping with homework or taking them to and from their extracurriculars, which include swim team, soccer, basketball, tumbling and dance, among others. I also enjoy cheering them on in their games and competitions from the sidelines.

Additionally, I enjoy staying active. Over the last year, I have begun playing pickleball. I also truly love running and riding my Peloton bike.  

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

To be frank, I didn’t know much about Bernstein when applying for my first job. I graduated college in May of 2002 when hiring in financial companies had halted due to the tech bubble bursting. Whenever a recruiter would call me and tell me about a job opportunity in a financial firm, I gave the green light to submit my resume for consideration. I then received a call about a firm called Bernstein, and I learned from my family about Bernstein’s reputation for sound investment practices and strong ethics.  

I have stayed at Bernstein for more than 20 years because of its renowned research capacity and its diversity of in-house product offerings, which I believe is distinct from other firms in the industry. I can say without a doubt that even if I did not work at Bernstein, I would still want to invest my money here. In addition, the people at Bernstein, particularly my wonderful mentor and partner Paul Cobuzzi, make it an amazing place to come to work.