Emily Grace

Advisor Headshot

I walk with clients through all stages of their financial life

I help dynamic families with significant wealth plan and invest throughout all the stages of their lives. While I always knew that I loved finance and cultivating strong relationships, I never realized, until I was hired at Bernstein, how rewarding it would be to work across generations of families for multiple decades. My experience handling day-to-day issues families face, in regards to their wealth, coupled with the more complex planning involved in thinking through four generations of fortune, is why I have insight and skills that my clients value.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for so long?

I joined Bernstein after working as a Financial Litigation Consultant for many years. When I was hired at Bernstein, I was excited to marry my work in finance with my desire to build strong and long-lasting relationships with dynamic families. As a Financial Litigation Consultant, I learned how to utilize my ability to untangle financial matters across industries. This provided me with invaluable insight and skills to work with complex families at Bernstein– no matter their financial situations. My decision to stay at Bernstein for 20 years has been driven by the caliber and excitement of the work that we do. I value little more than helping families think through their values and goals and building investment strategies so they can meet them. I’m known as someone who takes the time to listen to and understand families and what matters to them. I learn about what they care about and then provide them, and all of the members of their family, with the information, planning, education, and investments to help.

What kind of experience do you offer to clients?

The families I partner with want me to walk with them through every financial stage of their lives. Together, we plan for all of the possible financial events. and I am also the one that they call when they are looking at enrolling their children in new schools, buying a home, or planning for a big purchase. Whether looking for a new spot to house a boat, planning that big, once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or selling a business, my families know that I am engaged in every aspect of their lives. I love the relationships we build over time and the fact that we celebrate one another’s successes.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

I have been lucky to have had many strong role models in my life, but my college Finance and Taxation professor had the largest impact on who I became as a person. As someone who went to school believing that she would pursue psychology, having a professor who saw in me a true love of numbers and finance changed my entire career trajectory. I suppose that, as the daughter of a tax attorney myself, I shouldn’t have been surprised that I made this decision!