Wealth Advisor

Haley Thompson

Advisor Headshot

Partnering, Learning and Evolving

The most important things in life should never be done alone. That’s why we bring along our wide variety of experts so they can partner with clients and support them every step of the way. I am more than proud to be a part of this experienced team.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

I was told during my final Bernstein interview that there were more resources here than there was time to use them. Continuous learning is what I love. It’s amazing to have access to this wealth of knowledge. 

I have always loved to learn. As a child, if school didn’t give us homework, I would assign myself some! So, when I joined the firm as a recent college graduate, I naturally found the Bernstein environment inspiring. I knew I had a lot to learn and was eager to get started.

Throughout my early years at Bernstein, I realized that the breadth and depth of our resources was symbolic of the culture. The firm is founded upon a desire to dig deep and keep up the commitment to always do what’s best for clients. The goal is to constantly be better than the day before. This culture of continuous forward motion is why I stay. I hope to build a long career at Bernstein in which I will always be learning as we evolve and innovate for our clients together. 

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

My experience with clients is one of true partnership. I have the opportunity to work with a wonderful and tenured partner, Lisa Stone, whom I credit for developing my advisory skills.  

Together, Lisa and I partner with our clients to first and foremost focus on what matters most to them. We then provide our clients with the advice and resources they need to make informed investment decisions. Our client relationships are characterized by honesty and empathy. To demonstrate those essentials, we do a lot of active listening. And we both believe that two minds are better than one.

I also work closely with the next generation to engage and educate them about their wealth. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of time ahead of them. In these relationships, I hope to bring a level of understanding so they can begin planning for their financial future.

Which personal accomplishment makes you proudest?

I am incredibly proud to be a Posse Scholar. The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits and trains individuals who have extraordinary leadership potential. They also provide full-tuition leadership scholarships with their partner colleges and universities. The year I was awarded my Posse Scholarship, less than 5% of the Chicago high school students who were nominated were ultimately selected.

Posse believes that diversity is the key to solving our society’s biggest problems and I couldn’t agree more. In addition to supporting college students so they achieve academic success, they encourage and prepare students to become diverse leaders within the workforce. I am proud to have been selected as a Posse Scholar and am excited to be a member of the alumni community which embodies diversity and change. 

It’s important that I give back to the program that gave me courage and opportunities—and changed my life. I’m thankful to my Bernstein colleagues who have volunteered alongside me over the years.