Client Service Advisor

Jonathan Sherman

Advisor Headshot

Focused on Becoming an Expert in You

Bernstein’s distinct division of labor allows both me and Joe Septimus, as partners, to focus singularly on becoming experts in our clients’ hopes, dreams and aspirations. Together, we build financial roadmaps aimed at fulfilling their goals.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

As a firm, we proudly tout ourselves as fiduciaries who sit on the same side of the table as our clients. In my time here I’ve seen that this isn’t just a catchphrase; we live it. The client is the center of our universe. From our investment strategists to tax and estate planning professionals, everyone at Bernstein is singularly focused on providing optimal solutions and outcomes to our clients. Throughout my life I’ve always strived to act with the utmost integrity and to help others as best I can. Our philosophy is directly in line with my own morals and values and a major reason I derive such satisfaction from working here. Internally, our culture is founded on collaboration and teamwork. The old saying “There is no I in team” is the motto for how we approach all situations, simple or complex. I’m proud to be part of the Bernstein team, and quite frankly couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

How have your values and personal background specifically positioned you to work with your clients?

At the age of 12, I lost my mother following a 7-year battle with breast cancer. The silver lining of this tragedy was that it gave me from a young age a firsthand understanding of the challenges life can throw at us. Fast-forward several years, prior to joining Bernstein, I completed three years of Rabbinical Studies. In pursuing this personal goal, I spent considerable time learning how to counsel and make people feel heard. Throughout our long-term relationships with clients, there are often times when they come to us during moments of stress, struggle or tragedy. Through my gained life experience and background, I am able to empathize with them during these most vulnerable times. These moments often prove critical in fostering and curating our long-term relationships with our clients, further establishing our role as trusted advisors.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Outside of work, family and travel are my primary passions. I am a proud father of two young, rambunctious boys who keep me plenty busy. Whether it’s parks, indoor playgrounds, American Dream or organized sports, I love spending time with my wife and boys. Seeing the joy on their faces brings tremendous satisfaction, the kind that only a child can bring (don’t worry, I’ve experienced the opposite feelings as well). Travel has long been a part of my life, dating back to my childhood. I’ve been fortunate to travel abroad to breathtaking cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Venice, London and Jerusalem. Domestically, Hawaii and Orlando share a special place in my heart; Hawaii, because of our honeymoon and Orlando, because Disney (why else?). I love acting as a mini “travel agent” when friends are traveling, giving them recommendations on where to stay, eat and visit. I have a personal goal to visit all 50 states and all 30 MLB ballparks by the time I’m 50!