Joseph Versace

Seasoned, senior money manager

Managing a global practice that serves endowments, thought leaders, innovators, C-suite executives, and their corresponding families and offices.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The combination of my deep relationships with colleagues and our unrelenting commitment to excellence are the primary reasons I continue to build my career at Bernstein. Our unique model continues to resonate with my personal values of transparency, ethics, quality, and a commitment to conflict-free client experiences. Few other firms offer such a platform, which is why I have never taken Bernstein for granted. There is nothing better than giving my clients the service they deserve in a harmonious workplace where I know my teammates always have my back. 

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

I am committed to providing services and support that leaves my clients feeling as though we are their own private office. Clients know by our actions that they always come first. Some of the countless ways we demonstrate how much we care include a strong attention to detail, responsive communication, taking the time to listen and understand their concerns, and serving as their single point of contact for their wealth management needs. Even if Bernstein isn’t the exact provider, we still organize and coordinate the client experience by partnering with their accountants, legal team, and other professionals. No matter the circumstance, my clients know if they call on the Bernstein team, they will get the help they need in a time-sensitive and thoughtful manner, whether that be on a Monday morning or a Saturday evening. 

Tell me about an example of how you helped someone find purpose in their wealth.

There are two phases in a client’s life where we tend to have the most intense and personal interactions. 

The first phase is when a client is just starting to plan their life and how their wealth aligns with their values and dreams. Clients might ask themselves: How much money do I need? So together we plan for family needs, dream about milestones, and become excited by the possibilities that prudent, thoughtful financial planning can generate. Clients also might ask about the best time for families to reflect on estate planning and how their money will live beyond them in terms of their heirs, charities, and various passions. I enjoy observing them recall memories and accomplishments and give solid thinking to values and causes. This is how we assess the lives they have lived and how their passions will be passed on.