Senior National Director, UHNW Services

Tara Popernik

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My team gives strong, actionable guidance to our clients. In our eyes, this means uncovering what matters to them, from lifetime spending to family wealth transfer or philanthropy, and developing a strategic plan to actualize the goals step-by-step.

What’s the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

At the center of our strategic services is the desire to give clients a sense of comfort and security around their finances. Depending on the client, we may create comfort and security by crunching numbers so that we bring to life every nuance of the financial plan. Or, we may work to build cohesion and understanding among family members around an important topic such as wealth transfer or philanthropy. Bernstein’s Wealth Strategy team creates achievable goals based on each client’s individual circumstances. The team also uses thoughtful financial planning and education to demystify the tax and estate planning structures clients oftentimes use. We want the client to know as much as possible about their financial planning. This deep level of engagement eases the clients’ anxiety and angst, which often accompany conversations around money, and lets the families we work with focus on what’s most important to them.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

Bernstein has a tremendous true north: we are always, with both investments and client interactions, working toward doing the best for our clients. As we are all working toward this same goal, all of the time, our team has a universal mission, which is to give the absolute best advice possible to our clients.

Early on in my Bernstein career I saw the power of proper planning and how it could change somebody’s life. During my 17 years at the firm, I’ve helped our clients weather two financial market crises and several major income and estate tax law changes. Throughout all of these challenges, my goal has stayed the same: to help clients navigate a complex personal financial system in order to achieve their goals.

Another key reason I’m still with Bernstein is the firm’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture. I currently serve as a member of the firm’s Talent Development Team whose focus is on bringing these values to how we develop and promote talent within the firm.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Outside of the office, I’m primarily focused on parenting my two young sons. Becoming a parent has given me firsthand experience with many of the family dynamics our clients face, which is invaluable knowledge to have when serving my clients’ needs. Among my main goals as a parent, particularly during the troubled, polarizing times that we live in, is to pass along my values and encourage my children to develop as strong-minded individuals. In age-appropriate ways, we talk about privilege, the importance of respecting others, embracing differences and aiding vulnerable and marginalized populations. I hope that by passing along my belief system and passion for diversity and inclusion, my children can become good role models and engaged, open-minded citizens.

Meet Tara

Get to know Tara Thompson Popernik, Senior National Director of Ultrahigh-Net-Worth Services. She's passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. Watch the video to hear her journey from aspiring astronaut to Bernstein, and how she's demystifying complexity and empowering clients to take action with confidence.