Wendy Barasch

Advisor Headshot

I’m always asking myself: “How will this help you?”

My process is about focus, compassion, and bringing decades of experience. By going the extra mile to truly get to know my clients, I develop and execute custom plans they can rely on. I embody their viewpoints and become well-versed in who they are.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

It really comes down to the people—and Bernstein’s rigorous approach to research. Both allow me to deliver the best holistic advice to my clients every single day.

The positive energy and unified purpose at Bernstein are infectious. There is a universal willingness among our people to do the right thing and generate top-tier work. We would never accept anything less from ourselves, which is why our founder appropriately coined this objective the “Royal Reach.” And this isn’t just a clever slogan. We live and breathe it every day by going the extra distance in all situations. In addition to empathy, I believe in thoroughness and clear, consistent communication. Everyone at Bernstein works incredibly hard to make sure the client has what they need when they need it, especially during times of transition. Plus, we are known for anticipating what will help them even before they ask for it. Mediocrity simply isn’t tolerated. Dedication, grit, and integrity bond us as a whole. 

What differentiates you from other advisors?

Sheer life experience sets me apart from my peers. Having endured many market cycles, good, bad and in-between, I know how to keep clients calm and grounded in a storm. People’s risk tolerance rises when the markets are strong and declines when they are weak. Seeing how that risk changes over time has shown me the importance of accounting for potential change while giving advice. Most people live moment to moment and are influenced by their emotions and temporary circumstances. To prevent feelings from impacting wealth, I spend as much time as needed to understand my clients’ personalities and individual perspectives. By tapping into their mindset, I develop a plan that works during both stable and volatile times. This is why my clients rely on and trust my advice. They are confident that I will always fiercely advocate on their behalf.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

In our free time, my family and I help those who are most in need. While I am inspired by both of my young adult children, my daughter, who is a social justice warrior, has been especially motivating. My own desire to volunteer can be traced back to her time as an 8th-grade student who volunteered as a math and literacy tutor. Watching her improve the lives of underserved children at such a young age rekindled my own ambitions to achieve greater social justice and break down barriers for people with disabilities.