Chris Amar

Always There to Offer Any Type of Advice

Before Bernstein, I ran a homeless shelter, was a corporate lawyer and worked at a large tech start-up. Still, nothing compares to what I do now. Advising business owners, nonprofits and professionals is my calling.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The common thread in everything that I do, both personally and professionally, is my passion for helping others. As an advisor, I get the opportunity to do that early on in every client relationship. An enormous amount of energy goes into my process of understanding each new client. Creating the right financial strategies for my clients requires a significant time commitment that I am happy to give them. Through in-depth conversations, we explore their interests, relationships, life experiences and goals together. Gaining that type of insight is critical to identifying the right solutions for my clients—and worth the time investment. I am tremendously satisfied when a client, after reviewing our recommendations, tells me that they are relieved or even, in some cases, excited to work with us. That is when I feel that our advice has truly made a difference in our clients’ lives.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I get asked this question a lot! There are two main reasons. First, while it may be a cliché, I joined Bernstein for the caliber of its people. During the interview process, I had the opportunity to meet advisors from across the country as well as members of Bernstein's senior leadership team. Everyone I met with was incredibly thoughtful, passionate and driven, and even years after I was hired, I still feel very lucky to work alongside them. Second, at its heart, my job as an advisor is all about building meaningful relationships with successful, driven people and nonprofits. How great is that? Meeting amazing people and partnering with nonprofits are the aspects of my job that make me excited to go to work every single day.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I feel very fortunate to get to spend my life with my wife Cheryl, who is the general counsel of a large real estate firm, and our two young daughters. Parenting takes up a large part of my free time and is my top priority as we strive to raise conscientious and compassionate children. In addition, I am the board chair of Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures, an event series that connects renowned authors with locals. I also stay in regular touch with my friends and extended family, enjoy rooting for my favorite sports teams, the Pirates, the Penguins and the Sacramento Kings, and I read constantly (mostly American history and literature, but I am always open to suggestions!).