Wealth Advisor

Christopher Hoke

Advisor Headshot

Authentic, Transparent and Trustworthy

As a manager and advisor, I oversee our client services teams to ensure that first-class service is the norm. My team meets clients where they need to be met, adheres to the highest standards and adapts to their specific situations on the daily.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I was motivated to join Bernstein because of the firm’s client-first approach and the teamwork-oriented culture that has been built over time. Having worked at another firm whose values misaligned with my own, it was of the utmost importance that the next company I worked for was built upon personal values that did. Bernstein’s unwavering approach to always placing our clients’ interests first was a key driver in my decision-making process. In addition to prioritizing clients and their well-being, it was clear during the interview process that Bernstein’s culture was unlike any other investment management firm. Everyone at Bernstein pulls in the same direction, works side by side and presents one united front. When clients hire Bernstein, they receive a full team, as opposed to an individual. The Bernstein people are here for the long haul. In my talks with advisors, associates and other managers, I quickly realized that Bernstein was a place to build a career—not just another job.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The people and opportunities that have been presented to me at Bernstein are the life force behind my ever-developing career here. Without a doubt, my ingenious colleagues and the ability to constantly grow are why I have chosen to remain at the firm. Bernstein hires the best and the brightest, which makes me feel fortunate to work here. On a daily basis, I am constantly learning, simply by interacting with my peers and mentors. Additionally, the firm has provided me with opportunities to continuously challenge myself as a professional and expand my realm of responsibilities. As someone who has always had high aspirations, it’s been great to see my career develop at Bernstein! My managers have thoughtfully assessed my existing skill sets, presented me with new opportunities to heighten them and helped me to uncover new skills that I didn’t know I had myself. It’s been an exciting journey because I am growing and gaining new insights every day.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

As a Division 1 college athlete and lifelong sports fan, I have always been interested in the business side of the sports industry. If I wasn’t a Bernstein team member, I would pursue a career working in the front office of an NFL team. It would be difficult to work for any team other than the Philadelphia Eagles, as I am such a big fan, yet I believe this role would play to my lifelong interest in constructing and managing a team. Throughout my life, sports have taught me the importance of teamwork and how to be a good team member. Through playing sports I also became fascinated by the money side of the business, from ad revenue to how contracts are negotiated. Whether it is making deals or marketing, the business of sports fascinates me. Luckily, I get to exercise this interest in a slightly different way as I am responsible for building out the team that services clients. The best part of my job is grooming talent internally and helping them grow into more sophisticated roles.