National Managing Director

Donald Braun

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Together We Discover the Possibilities of Wealth

I am motivated to help clients have a healthy relationship with wealth. Through deep and thoughtful discovery, I help clients realize their dreams and investment goals. My hope is that they sleep soundly and pursue what is most important to them.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

The people. Period. From my first interactions in 2005 to today, I have been inspired by the amazing group of talented professionals that I call my peers. Every single person at the firm is smart, hardworking and committed to doing right by our clients. We collaborate, challenge each other and even have a little fun. Another reason I stay at Bernstein is our culture, which is a composition of innovation and research. Our firm is never comfortable with the status quo and is always in search of new ways to deliver better results and client experiences. As the leader of our Philadelphia practice, I am committed to growing our client base and the diversity of our service teams. I also wish to continuously create innovative solutions for our clients’ unique wealth and advice needs.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

It’s been an easy decision to stay at Bernstein. Every day, I get to work with the most interesting and uniquely successful people in the world. Some of my clients have experienced life-altering events that created their wealth. Others have accumulated their wealth over time. Then, there are clients who have experienced unforeseen, or unfortunate, life-changing circumstances that elevated them to their current financial status. Every client is different, which makes my job interesting and fulfilling. Bernstein’s unique platform allows us to curate investing and planning solutions that address the challenges of the current market environment. While investment results are important, our clients also define their success by the more human elements that Bernstein brings to the table. I enjoy helping clients achieve clarity in terms of their relationship with wealth—and define important matters such as purpose, value systems, education, charity and their family legacy.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Without a doubt, my Dad has had the greatest influence on me. He was such a faithful, earnest and hardworking human being. Quiet, determined and humble, my Dad led and loved by his actions. Together, my parents raised seven children. They taught all of us how to be guided by faith, live within our means and share our time, talent and treasure with others. Ironically, my wife Jeanne and I are both one of seven siblings, and now have four children of our own. Together, we call upon the love and values that our parents instilled in us to serve as a guiding force for how we engage with family and community.