Client Service Advisor

Troy Martin

Bridging Space to Bring You Closer Together

From a young age I had an affinity for investing, so it is no surprise I ended up as a financial advisor. What brought me to Bernstein was the opportunity to partner with Chris Amar to deliver a dynamic experience to the clients we serve. The numbers are important, but equally as important are the stories and the meaning behind them. Chris and I pride ourselves on being experts in both. Our shared foundation of values gives us the framework to continuously push ourselves and our limits for the benefit of our clients.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I have my dad to thank for my passion for investing. He introduced me to books about legends such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and others in my teenage years, and I went off to college fascinated, with a clear vision that I wanted to be in finance. Fast forward, I joined Bernstein because I feel the firm is unmatched in its ability to pair the scale and resources of being global with a singular focus and capacity to develop deep client/advisor relationships. Of equal importance were the people—specifically Don Braun and my partner Chris Amar. Once I met them, whatever I needed to do to get to Bernstein to work with Chris, I was going to do! Today we partner to develop and grow our presence in Pittsburgh. I truly feel privileged to partner with Chris, whose impressive resume is only surpassed by his even more impressive compassion for others. I look forward to partnering with him for many years to come.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

Chris and I work with clients in an intimate partnership that begins with building trust. I bring a fresh perspective to the table, and between us, you are getting two advisors “for the price of one.” I feel like we offer something truly unique. We might have different backgrounds, but our core values are completely in alignment, and we are very similar in the way that we approach relationships—with integrity, trust and our desire to help. At the same time, we complement each other really well and combine seamlessly to create this experience.

One of the main areas I focus on is multigenerational wealth. Our job is to be the experts in your and your family’s situation. The numbers are important, but how my clients feel and react to them is another thing. In fact, a big part of my job is to help my clients understand the why behind the numbers. We care about you and want to know as much as you want us to know. Every story, every question, every detail. Together we are well-positioned to bring the best advice and ideas that fit your life. 

Which book had the most profound impact on you and why?

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, something I read while on vacation at the beach! David’s unbelievable story is about how anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and get after it. It motivated me to find more of myself and see where my limits are. Each time I reflect on this, what I once thought was my limit is now in the rearview mirror and I am constantly demanding more of myself. It is a constant journey to be better today than I was yesterday. The book continues to teach me that anything is possible, and I am constantly elevating my game and always wanting to stay on top of what is going on. In our partnership, Chris and I have a can-do attitude. We are always going to try our best to figure it out. When presented with a challenge, we don’t shut down, but instead take the opposite approach—we do everything in our power to deliver a solution.