Managing Director

Dan Eagan

A Lifelong Dedication to Investment Management

Since joining the firm in 2001, I’ve been fortunate to hold many leadership positions. Now, I lead our private client practice in San Francisco. My specialty is guiding clients through bull and bear markets, with compassion and patience.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

Prior to joining Bernstein, I had worked in the investment industry for almost 20 years. I decided to pursue an opportunity with the firm because of its reputation for honesty, integrity, hard work—and always putting the client first. In the interview process, all of the qualities that had attracted me to Bernstein came to the forefront. The rigor of the interview process was impressive as was the caliber of the people interviewing me. No stone was left unturned. As uncomfortable as that process may have been, it gave me great exposure to the most senior people at the firm as I had the opportunity to interview them as well. By the time I received my offer to join the Bernstein team, I felt as if I were part of it already. The interview process demonstrated how inclusive and welcoming the culture at Bernstein is. From there, I was ready to contribute.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

Honesty and fair dealing have always been my touchstones. As a boy who grew up in a large family, where an allegiance to community and the Boy Scouts loomed large, I’ve always held myself to a high standard of integrity. Bernstein shares this same set of values in regard to the work that we do for our clients.

My background in portfolio management and investment consulting have given me a great depth of knowledge around capital markets and how to most effectively navigate them. Another factor that adds dimension to my client experience is the work I’ve done in wealth planning and multigenerational wealth transfer.

Finally, I really enjoy working with clients and watching the intricate planning process manifest itself in their financial and personal success. There is nothing more exciting than watching their goals become reality. Lastly, in my 20-plus years at Bernstein, I’ve guided clients through bull and bear markets, navigating those uncertain times with empathy and kindness.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

Family is very important to me. I have two adult children who are highly independent and pursuing their own interests and lifestyles. Even though they are out of the house, we continue our life journey together and talk regularly about their lives.

Aside from family, I love the outdoors and enjoy fishing, camping, snow skiing, water skiing and hiking. I also continue to be involved with Scouting BSA as a Merit Badge Counselor and I am an avid stamp collector.