Jason Nossiter

Helping clients achieve success on their terms

As an advisor, I pride myself on constantly discovering my clients as their lives change. Patient, thoughtful communication is my hallmark as is tailoring my approach to the individual whether it's a simple phone call or elaborate presentation.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

In 2008, I joined Bernstein. Our firm's integrity, fiduciary culture and commitment to deep research is what drew me in. Serving clients through that difficult period affirmed my choice: we did whatever it took to keep them focused on their goals. Their wealth recovered speedily as a result of our sound advice. Over a decade into my Bernstein career, I can attest to those values being stronger than ever. While markets grow in complexity and our services are more robust and flexible, our foundation is even more exceptional in the marketplace than it was in 2008. Equally motivating for me is the value my clients receive from being served by a world-class, global team. My work with clients allows me to partner with leading planning experts, investment strategists, and firm management around the globe. Bernstein's talent and team-oriented approach drive seamless collaboration, intellectual rigor, and multiple points of view. This is our recipe for achieving outstanding client outcomes.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My firm belief is that education is the most powerful lever to creating durable social mobility and economic empowerment. As someone who received a first-class education myself, I'm acutely aware that this was a huge contributor to my own career success. Being challenged education-wise is something I would love to give to others. My hope is that it will also empower them to pursue their dreams. To help broaden access to education, I joined The Guardsmen in 2017. The Guardsmen provide scholarships and summer camp opportunities for thousands of at-risk youth in the Bay Area every year. An all-volunteer organization, we raise money through community-oriented events including a Christmas Tree Lot, fun run across the Golden Gate Bridge and a Sports Auction and Celebrity Dinner, which I have co-chaired the past three years. Coming together with other like-minded young professionals in San Francisco, to address a cause I am so deeply passionate about, has been both rewarding and energizing.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

If I were to envision a career path beyond my current one, I would probably serve in the diplomatic corps with the State Department or work as a journalist. Growing up, I attended a French American bilingual school in San Francisco where I was surrounded by students and teachers who all came from different countries. My experience learning history, math, science and literature in multiple languages every day, and participating in study abroad programs, peaked my interest in the world beyond the Bay Area. Learning subjects in other languages also helped me to see things from different perspectives, abandoning my own biases in the process. This skill continues to be an invaluable asset in my work as an advisor. It's tough to imagine another's experiences as we all have our own worldview. When working with my clients, I am intentional about putting my own preconceptions aside in order to meet them where they are. I can hear their language.