Troy Niehaus

Advisor Headshot

I Understand the Unique Psyches of My Clients

Relationships are very important to me—whether with friends, family, colleagues, clients or new people I’m just getting to know. I strive for positive connections that help me grow, stay healthy and be a force of good in this crazy world.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I’m a retired Air Force officer, and the values I learned in the military, such as integrity, respect and commitment, are extremely important to me. In my former role as a Special Agent in the Air Force, I had to often dig very deep in an investigation to find clues that will help solve a case. This particular skill set has been uniquely transferable to my role as a financial advisor, as I engage my clients and professional advisors in a deep discovery process to truly understand their needs, concerns and goals. I joined Bernstein because those same values, and more, are just as important to the firm. My role as a financial advisor allows me to focus my time and effort on serving others, just like I did in the military. At Bernstein, my relationships are still based on these core values that I hold, and I serve each and every one of my clients with the goal to help make their wealth meaningful.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I work with a whole host of clients and spend a lot of time with company founders and business owners. Previously I was a tech start-up owner, president of a hardware manufacturer and managing director for a global software business, which is why I particularly enjoy working with entrepreneurs. I understand the unique psyche of a business owner and appreciate the contributions they make to our economy and communities. I also work with the senior executives of both private and public companies, athletes and entertainers, multi-generational families, endowments and foundations. All of these groups have unique challenges, and my planning process for each starts with developing a customized strategy that will best position them for the most success possible.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

I always imagined serving in the clandestine operations field in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

My career started as an 18-year-old who decided to enlist in the Air Force following high school, proudly serving in the intelligence field. I was selected to attend the US Air Force Academy to begin my post-secondary education and graduated as an USAF officer with a bachelor’s degree in Russian area studies. Afterward, I was trained as a Special Agent where I managed counterespionage operations. I was on a direct path to fulfill my aspirations in the covert collection of human intelligence when my priorities to family became more important to me. I decided to leave the military for a career in the business world, now for 20+ years, and my wife and I have raised our three wonderful children on Bainbridge Island, Washington.