Wealth Advisor

Devin Patel

Engaging with Active Creators of Wealth

My parents worked hard to build their version of the American Dream but were unable to retire the way they had imagined. That’s why I commit to providing my clients a safe space, uncovering what they are missing and partnering to reach their goals.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

At Bernstein I have the freedom to support my clients in the way that they need—not having to be an expert in every single thing. Instead, I am primarily an expert in my clients and focus on them as well as their families, businesses and communities. Bernstein has vast resources and expertise in the market, making trades, and future tax and estate planning—and I feel like I have the strongest resources to provide the very best advice, services and experience that I can to my clients.

I also get to do all of this while being surrounded by a wonderful team. From day one I was impressed by their energy, tenure, relatability, family orientation and desire to leave a legacy and make an impact in their communities. Having a partnership like this enables me to win on a scale that I could not have never dreamed of, while transforming the way my clients manage their wealth and advance the relationships they have with their money, their professional advisors and the communities that surround their success.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

Relatable. As my clients actively create their wealth, I fully commit to walking beside them as a resource, confidant, fiduciary and voice of reason.

My clients are often self-made business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who have considerable wealth in the US and overseas. They appreciate my ability to understand the numbers and explain them in a digestible way, so we can solve the complex challenges they face, together, in a manner that is easy to understand. This allows us to have a much deeper, high-touch relationship that represents a safe space for them to communicate objectives and goals and understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

I also work very closely with our Bernstein team and my clients’ professional advisors. This helps my clients get maximum value, button down all the details, and surround themselves with an advisory board that works together seamlessly in support of their aspirations—to ultimately build a better future.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I recently had a son. I enjoy spending time with him and seeing him develop, as one of my many passions. Another passion of mine is the game of golf. I not only get enjoyment out of the game, but it has taught me some valuable lessons about life and overcoming obstacles. It has also provided me with some unique experiences that I would never trade for the world. Golf has helped me understand the vast components that go into finding success and has helped me relate a lot better to my clients in many ways, dealing with their complexities and the challenges they face as they work tirelessly to preserve and capitalize on their own successes. I am actively involved in coaching, and I enjoy the opportunity to give back to organizations like my high school, Circle Christian in Orlando, which has supported me in the past. I believe mentoring our youth is a great way to make a lasting impact and I actively look for new ways to get involved and give back to our communities.