Joseph Brodecki

Trusted Advisor and More

I care for my clients the same way I look after family and friends. Before I invest one dollar, I listen carefully and take the time to clearly understand what matters most to them. This is critical to providing quality advice and recommendations.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I co-founded Bernstein’s Washington, DC, office after a successful career as a nonprofit executive.

Undoubtedly, my most notable achievement was leading international fundraising that raised $200 million to create the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Subsequently, the President of the USA appointed me to the museum’s governing board of trustees.

I advised some of the wealthiest families and philanthropists in the world and gained the experience, knowledge and skills to manage leading nonprofit organizations.

Bernstein affords me the opportunity to apply my skills to advise high-net-worth individuals/families and nonprofit organizations.

Family members and similarly, nonprofit leaders sometimes have differing points of view that can create challenges for planning and investing effectively. In those situations, I am particularly helpful by surfacing and clarifying the differing points of view and building consensus and cohesion.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

My major client areas of specialization are high-net-worth individuals/families and nonprofit organizations. Each requires sophisticated and innovative investment management solutions.

Individual/family clients include multigenerational families, people going through pivotal life transitions, global/cross-border investors, women of independent means, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. My nonprofit clients are endowments, foundations, associations and charitable organizations. I build investment plans that incorporate clients’ goals and account for the unexpected.

As an integral member of each client’s professional advisory team, which includes attorneys, accountants and consultants, I provide multigenerational planning, wealth transfer implementation and education of the next generation. Multiple times, these advisors have successfully nominated me as a “Top Financial Advisor,” including recognition in 2021 (Washingtonian Magazine, January 2021).

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I am profoundly passionate about family, friends and philanthropy.

A child of Holocaust survivors and a founder/creator of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, I am zealous about educating others about the dangers of anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry. I remain active with the museum having co-chaired their National Gala honoring Holocaust survivors.

I love traveling and meeting new friends, classical music, jazz, wine and golf. 

I am interested in how others reach their goals and create success. I read extensively, focusing on the history and biographies of successful world and business leaders to discover how they overcome obstacles to build resilience and success.

I enjoy mentoring and offering support to young colleagues and entrepreneurs.

My love of music has brought me to support the Kennedy Center. My love of books, intellectual pursuits and leadership is stimulated at the Cosmos and Economic Clubs.

In addition, I co-own a minor league baseball team and a Broadway play.