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Katarina Weir

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Untangling My Clients’ Unique Challenges

I serve as a confidante for mission-driven nonprofits, their supporters and global families. I help them and their communities make the complicated seem uncomplicated, the unintentional intentional, and address challenges that extend beyond the numbers.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

The opportunity to have a broader, deeper and more significant impact in the communities that matter to me was what initially drew me to Bernstein. I also wanted to find an organization and group of people who would both challenge and inspire me. As I learned more about the firm, it was the people and values that drew me in further. Bernstein’s emphasis is one of self-evaluation and evolution to better serve the needs of our clients in a thoughtful, innovative and responsible way. This is supported by the ethos of teamwork and the collaborative culture that came across in every single person I spoke to. So, the bottom line is that Bernstein does not just talk the talk, we walk the talk. And when you walk your talk, people listen.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

Two qualities. 

The first is my background. I am just like my clients. I am a part of a global family who struggles with the associated complexities of taking my personal and professional life across borders. I have also run a nonprofit and lived through the challenges facing these organizations. As a result, I am well placed to understand firsthand many of the hurdles facing my clients.   

The second is how I work with my clients. Everyone has a unique story to tell. I seek to gain an in-depth understanding of my clients’ circumstances and needs by discovering and acknowledging their story. This approach empowers and supports them through their journey of discovery and enables them to be more intentional and impactful with their wealth.  

I believe that I bring a unique lens to the table and together, with the powerhouse that is Bernstein, this is a winning combination.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have two main passions.

The first is wellness, which to me is a holistic approach to health. I practice healthy habits in order to attain better physical, intellectual, emotional and social health outcomes. Wellness is a lifestyle and an approach to life we develop to achieve our highest potential. It is a continuous journey of discovery and learning.  

Travel allows me to discover different cultures, communities, foods, stories and a broad perspective of life. I am intrigued by how different yet similar we all are. All people cry, laugh, eat, worry, want to be loved and die. Yet our individual experiences and journeys through life are unique. Travel has been the best form of education for me, and to quote St. Augustine, “…the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  

As an Advisor, I am passionate about the whole person. I support my clients in their entirety, not just as people with wealth. I want to help them thrive instead of just survive.