Emily Starkey

Thorough. Direct. Accountable.

Throughout my career in finance, I have helped executives and entrepreneurs to solve problems and achieve their goals. Empathy, honesty, and a clear understanding of my client's goals have been fundamental to my success.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

Tragedy can lead to unexpected growth. I learned this firsthand, and it gave me the confidence to make a transition into wealth management, a decision I had been contemplating since the beginning of my career in finance. I spent considerable time building an executive women’s community in my previous positions, so Bernstein’s Women and Wealth initiative got my attention when I was considering wealth management firms. Bernstein’s values and focus on innovation were attractive and in line with my own beliefs. It was a natural fit.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

My clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and multi-generational families. They tend to be hardworking and focused on their careers and families. I share with them an appreciation for finding answers, being resourceful, and following through on issues that are important to them. 

Which personal accomplishment makes you proudest?

I am proud of the way I navigated a close family member’s decade-long health crisis. I worked very hard to ensure that the best care was in place while simultaneously managing the financial impacts of the health crisis and my own career demands. I am also proud of the way my family worked together to achieve the outcome we desired. The experience taught me that there is a very human aspect to managing money and how important the family dynamic is when creating a financial plan. Today, I enjoy sharing my experience with friends when they seek my advice on their own challenges. 

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