Regional Senior Managing Director

Evan Deoul

Advisor Headshot

Committed to Investing in and Empowering Others

My mission as an advisor, Bernstein leader, community changemaker and parent is to empower others. I love working with those who want to be the best version of themselves.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

Bernstein’s culture sets a high bar. Respect, ethics, transparency, accountability, loyalty to both clients and the organization and a maniacal drive for excellence are most highly valued by the firm. Our clients deserve and expect superior, bespoke advice. As a sales leader, I feel entirely supported by the firm to hire and develop the right people who can then give our clients a top-notch experience. I am proud to lead a team of amazing advisors who operate at the highest level and ensure that our clients achieve their goals. Another commitment of mine is fostering a respectful, inclusive, relevant and rewarding work environment where team members can grow as professionals. All in all, I remain fully energized by Bernstein’s leadership, our local and national team and the momentum we have going forward.

What kind of experience do you offer to your clients?

I work hard to create a deeply personal client-advisor relationship. Oftentimes the relationship spans multiple generations, which is when I truly thrive and clients benefit the most. I love to mentor, empower and educate the next generation on topics such as budgeting, career development, goal-setting, philanthropy, socially responsible investing and how to discuss challenging situations in a calm manner. Money takes on a greater meaning as a consequence of our multifaceted relationship. My clients also feel at ease, as opposed to ambivalent or stressed, when it comes to affording what they want. They make sound financial decisions, and I ensure the next generation is well equipped to do the same. I particularly enjoy facilitating multigeneration family engagements, where the discussions run deeper. My goal in these meetings is to uncover clients’ values and their wealth and family mission. All of these factors drive the direction of the financial plan and inevitably, provide the most positive outcomes.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I gain tremendous satisfaction from my philanthropic work, especially when investing in and empowering the next generation. In 2015, with a wonderful team of professionals in Palm Beach County, Florida, I created Philanthropy Tank, a program that fuels and inspires the next generation of change leaders and helps Palm Beach County students, grades 8 to 12, identify issues that confront our community. The program challenges, motivates and equips students to develop and execute sustainable initiatives to solve those problems. I’ve served as the Board President since its inception, and in five years, we’ve empowered 57 student teams, funded over $500,000 in awards to shape students’ leadership paths and addressed and improved a broad range of social issues in our community. I credit a lot of this to the students’ creative solutions! I also cherish my board and committee roles serving the Kravis Center and the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach, two wonderful organizations in our community.