Ian Zinn

Advisor Headshot

The Burden of Complexity

I advise families with the benefit of significant wealth and the burden of complexity. By leveraging my global experience, vast external network and the unique infrastructure of the firm, I solve problems for the world's wealthiest families.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I work with entrepreneurs, multigenerational business owners, executives and substantial single-family offices. The common thread in my practice is that these complex families increasingly span borders with residences, beneficiaries, businesses, investments and entities in various jurisdictions worldwide. Every family and every business is unique. Having the necessary experience, expertise, network and firm infrastructure is paramount to creating superior outcomes. I assemble and lead the team to holistically advise my clients to maximize success.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

The most gratifying part of my role at Bernstein is working with clients. At Bernstein, having a fiduciary culture that puts client interests first is personally very important to me. Providing clients with this level of confidence is truly the only way to do business.

I greatly enjoy collaborating with my colleagues, for whom I have the utmost respect and appreciation. I frequently work with Shelly Meerovitch, Head of Global Families Wealth Strategies, Moira McLachlan, Senior Investment Strategist, and Richard Weaver, National Director of Corporate Services, all of whom I have great reverence for. It is essential to have direct access to executive leadership to create the best solution and to maximize integrity, transparency and excellent client service.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I have a passion for travel, meeting new people and learning about new subjects. Some of the most rewarding experiences in my life involved living and studying abroad: Spain, Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica. One of my most vivid memories is from the time I lived with the Tzotzil Indians in the hills of Chamula in Chiapas, Mexico. Living with a family whose life experience was so drastically different from my own provided me with a deep, transformative perspective about culture, tradition, community, humanity and money. All of this I carry with me to the firm today. I am humbled and privileged to have also traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. My travels have helped me to garner significant insights about people and business and I’ve created a substantial global network along the way.  All of this I bring to bear to benefit my clients.