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Sharon Prolow

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I show clients how to emotionally connect with their wealth

Above all else, having strong relationships with my clients is my top priority. Being an advisor is about more than just managing money. It is a job in which compassion and care for another’s wellbeing, happiness and longevity must be taken into consideration. Every client is unique and deserves to be listened to, paid attention to, and given the best possible advice for their personality and lifestyle.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

My path to Bernstein was not a conventional one. Yet, in my experience, all good things come through hard work, perseverance and a drive to succeed. After working as a Portfolio Manager on Wall Street for years, I had the privilege to take time off to raise my children. However, as much as I loved being a full-time mother, I always knew I’d ultimately want to work with clients again in a career that I loved.

As I began my journey researching and evaluating various financial management firms, Bernstein came across my radar. Immediately, I found the firm to be uniquely impressive. I saw the firm as one that is focused on identifying the best outcome for clients. In addition, I realized I would have the chance to work alongside intelligent, thoughtful colleagues here. Bernstein has provided me with the opportunity to make a difference in clients’ lives by advising them on how money can be a vehicle to achieve their goals of security, independence and a fulfilling life. In guiding my clients on how to emotionally connect with their wealth, I hope to provide a true understanding of how it can fulfill each priority in their life.

What differentiates you from other advisors?

Life experiences are earned, and I take tremendous pride in being a good mother, wife, friend, collegiate softball athlete and cancer survivor. The adventures and challenges I’ve had, along with being active in my community for many years, are why I am a passionate advocate and connector for my clients. The incredible people I advise respect my resilience and dedication to devising simple solutions to complex problems. We work in tandem to ensure they understand all of the answers to their questions, and that every one of their needs is met. My clients are an important part of my life. Bringing them value brings me joy.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

There is so much to love when you live full time in paradise, as I do. I feel so fortunate to be based in Florida where there are beaches, tennis courts, and golf courses everywhere. As someone who has played sports my entire life, being a part of a team is special to me. While I love playing on my local tennis team, I am happiest when spending time with my daughter Kayla, who attends the University of Miami, and my son Blake, a student at Bucknell University. I am so incredibly proud of the amazing young adults my children have become, and inspired by the impact they’ve made in our community. They are both advocates for other children whose families are dealing with cancer and also help to raise awareness for breast cancer. My children have been my support system during my own journey as a cancer survivor. Their love, positive energy and courage empower me to live each day to the fullest. The silver lining of overcoming significant health challenges is that you become stronger, more connected to your loved ones, and encouraged to focus on doing what you love to do. This is why I love encouraging others to do the same: to wake up every morning and take charge of their lives.