Working With Our Clients

At most firms, the people managing your money don’t know you—or your advisor. But our advisors have direct access to the portfolio managers making daily decisions on our clients’ behalf. This allows us to coordinate efforts, especially when it matters most. 

What is direct access, and how do I benefit?

Outsourcing to multiple managers to diversify may seem like a good idea in principle, but it usually​ ends up disappointing in practice. The multi-manager approach often leads to uncoordinated investments that unintentionally resemble an index. By having money in-house, our clients avoid security overlap while benefiting from responsive risk management, continuous rebalancing, and custom tax management. 

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We build our customized solutions using parts that are engineered and designed to work together.

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Responding to risk

Because we have full insight into our clients’ portfolios, we can be particularly sensitive to risk. Volatility and emotions are part of investing, but emotional investing can exact a price. We created Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) to help stabilize your portfolio so that you can better maintain your long-term strategy. 

Avoiding overlap

Bernstein money managers know each other and see each client’s investments. This transparency​ makes our portfolios less susceptible to concentration​ risk. 

Continuous rebalancing

Our integrated platform allows us to systematically rebalance on a customized, trade-by-​trade and/or security-by-security basis when portfolio​ movements skew a client’s allocation. 

Customized tax management

With a personalized algorithm for each client, we are able to manage taxes—not just at year-end but for each trade throughout the year. Clients benefit from more after-tax wealth, tax-efficient turnover, and tax-lot trading, and greater control over wealth transfer and estate concerns. In fact, we estimate the annual benefit to our clients at roughly 0.5%–1.0% per year. 

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