Eric Steinmiller

Advisor Headshot

As a trusted advisor, I provide clients with sound, data-driven advice.

I serve as a financial advisor to sophisticated, highly successful business owners, professionals, executives, and multigenerational families, as well as their associated organizations, around the world. My clients appreciate the empathetic and thorough analytical approach my business partner and I use to design, execute and monitor their plans. For the multigenerational families, every member is involved throughout the process. Each receives our complete attention and focus. Trust, discretion and education are at the core of our process.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

My first job after college was in engineering, and then I became an entrepreneur. This led me to understand that what gave me satisfaction in a work context included the following: being a key, trusted member of my clients’ teams and providing sound, data-driven advice. As a financial advisor, I realized immediately that my mission is to have thorough and authentic conversations with my clients about what drives them as individuals. These discussions give me insights into their lives so I can figure out the best way to look after their financial situations and give my clients peace of mind.

Thus, I looked for a workplace that would enable me to focus on this desire while in the company of intelligent and dedicated colleagues. I have never encountered anything like Bernstein before—and I mean this in the best way possible. The firm is everything I was looking for and more. Not only does the organization act as a fiduciary for our clients, but it also is home to the most relentless research and people that are extraordinarily intelligent yet grounded. All of the above makes me proud to be a part of this firm. I believe it is also why Bernstein has made positive, long-lasting impacts on our clients’ lives.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

The majority of the clients my business partner Jamie Mallinson and I serve have ties to Washington, DC, or North Carolina. I am proud to say that they are caring, philanthropic and intellectually curious. They are also challenged, yet not intimidated by, the complexities that come along with substantial wealth. Some of these obstacles include family communication and team engagement, trust and estate matters, and multi-jurisdictional tax issues. Additionally, the CEOs, CFOs, partners and investment committees with whom we work take their role as fiduciaries for their own organizations very seriously.  

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

My first and overarching passion outside of work is my family. I met my wife Marla over 30 years ago when we were teaching tennis together in Florida during our college years.   She is the love of my life. My son, Sawyer, and daughter, Summer, have grown up to be genuine, courteous, and caring individuals. I enjoy traveling, hiking, golfing and spending time on the beach or lake with my family and frankly, just being in their company. My second passion is golf, which I’m lucky enough to play with both my family and my closest friends. Whether my friends visit me at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, or we play elsewhere, I feel most relaxed when I’m golfing with my family and friends.