Client Service Advisor

Elizabeth Wolf

Advisor Headshot

Pursuing the best possible outcomes

I am not afraid of hard work. Fine-tuning strategic approaches in a dynamic environment is my hallmark. This ensures that my clients get the best launchpad to success and a partnership that evolves as they grow.

What has inspired you to stay at Bernstein for as long as you have?

I’ve spent (almost) my entire career at Bernstein. I say almost because it was interrupted by a short stint at another firm—but at the earliest possible opportunity, I came right back because it was incredibly apparent that something was missing. That something was being part of a team who drew and contributed to the same well of expertise, perspective, and belief in our approach. It’s a big company with a small feel, and because of the way we’re structured, we can harness and use the full firm (and each other) to come up with the right solutions for our clients.

We take an academic model to investment management that is cognizant of current trends without chasing them. This allows us to retain our core identity—our research is the guiding light and evolution engine. But the one thing that inspired me to join and keeps me here is that the firm takes the same measured, diligent approach to investment management as it does to its human capital and approach to client service.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I am passionate about everything outdoors and filling my mind with new things. I hike, climb, scuba dive, trail run, ocean swim, ride horses, and race sailboats. I have an insatiable appetite for learning and love doing so via reading and talking to people who walk different paths than I do. It gives me an insight into what matters to different people and the various ways people approach things that matter to them. It’s both the means and the end that I want to know about. In a similar fashion, the book that has had the most profound impact on me is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I read the book about 10 years ago, and it gave me a framework for considering the agency we all have to pursue greatness and make our own luck, and the possibilities that exist for us when we engage with each other in this way—true altruism. 

Pursuing these passions keeps my body strong, my eyes clear and my mind sharp. 

What differentiates you from other advisors?

My professional experience and background, and my partnership structure. I know and trust Bernstein’s approach to helping clients define what success looks like—and I’ve had the fortune to be a part of that success firsthand. I’ve also been deeply involved and dedicated to nonprofit and religious organizations, as a volunteer, leader and board member. I never imagined translating decades of my own personal experiences to support and guide the same types of organizations. It’s a dream come true. 

My senior partner, Kim Davis, and I have worked together for years and have sympathetic styles that allow us to bring our individual strengths to our clients. Together we have a combined 30 years’ experience guiding clients through challenging circumstances and different economic environments. We grow and evolve with our clients over time and provide white-glove client service, care, advice and attention. For our clients, it’s the best of both worlds.