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Kevin McAuliffe

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Together, Making Every Moment Matter

We are committed to serving and building lifelong relationships with our clients and their loved ones. Together, we proactively plan for every moment that matters, so that our clients can focus on the people and things most important to them.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

From an early age, I was always involved in team sports. The key to our success on the field, court or ice was the collective understanding of “Commitment to Excellence.” In my eyes, this means that each individual knew and appreciated their role within the group. The main reason I joined Bernstein was its similar team dynamic and the vast array of resources that surround us. As a group, we work in tandem to bring unique solutions to the complex opportunities our clients are presented with on a daily basis. In my individual advisor role, I value the process of developing deep relationships with my clients, all of whom are genuine people. I interact with them as authentically as possible to build a core foundation based on trust, respect and inclusivity. My business helps clients and their families grow and protect their wealth so they can focus on whatever it is that matters most to them. By understanding every nuance of their personality and needs I aspire to be the ideal teammate.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

Growing up as the youngest of three boys, I had the great fortune of learning from my parents and brothers. All taught me the importance of showing respect, compassion and empathy towards others. I also saw the hard work and dedication that it takes to run a business as my father owned a local insurance company. In observing my mother, who treated her patients with the utmost dignity as a school nurse, I knew what grace and humility looked like. All of these experiences are instrumental to my advising work. Through them, I learned how to listen intentionally, efficiently problem-solve and deliver great service to my clients. These strong family values have guided me over time as I’ve built trusting and honest relationships with corporate executives and owners. No two clients are the same and each comes with unique situations. Therefore, strong values and emotional intelligence are what we lean on to cater to so many different clients. All are treated with dignity and respect.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I’m very fortunate to have a loving wife, Sanna, and two kids, who keep us very busy. One could say that they are the primary passion in our lives. As a family, we enjoy traveling around the country. In the near future, we intend to book more trips abroad so our kids can experience different cultures at a young age. I believe this is critical to their self-development and growth. For my own pleasure, I enjoy playing golf and going home to Vermont where I like to ski with friends and family. Last but certainly not least, my wife and I want to make our community a better place. So, we strive to give back and help those in need through our work with various charities. Two that we are currently involved with are St. Francis House, which feeds meals to the homeless, and Team Impact, a nonprofit that pairs children with life-threatening diseases with college sports teams. It brings us great joy to see how the simple things in life can bring someone else such joy.