Senior Managing Director

Kara Lewis

Advisor Headshot

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Will Be Expected

I thrive on having mission alignment throughout my life. Making the world a better place is my calling. Serving nonprofits and clarifying the meaning of my clients’ money are some of the vehicles through which I channel this desire.

Tell me about the types of clients you work with.

I am a learner for life. Fortunately, I’ve found that entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and franchisees, all of whom I work with, have a similar mindset. Like myself, they are genuinely curious about the world around them, and engaged with it as well. For many business owners, liquid asset investment hasn’t played a major role in their wealth creation. However, as they approach retirement, succession or a potential transaction, they are forced to think about wealth management in different ways. While business owners are curious about the capital markets, they are not necessarily confident in terms of how to access them. That is where my team comes in to turn a client’s curiosity into full-blown clarity. How do we make this happen? Through transparent, authentic discussions, robust wealth planning and bringing in the right resources from Bernstein’s global framework. We ask questions they haven’t contemplated, get to the core of their issues and go beyond the surface.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The intersection of intellectual challenge, related to the capital markets, and the deeply personal relationships I build with clients make my job gratifying. I enjoy breaking down potential market complexities and providing advice to my clients minus any industry jargon, which can too easily get in the way of authentic conversations. My goal is to educate, clarify and make each client feel as empowered as possible. To accomplish this, I do more listening than talking to get to the core of their current issues, from family dynamics to legacy goals. Mine and my team’s goal is to meet clients where they are emotionally and physically, simplify complex problems and tackle softer issues that may have previously taken a backseat. To gain a client’s trust, which is critical to our relationship, I aim to be as empathetic and compassionate as possible. Whether they are about to approach retirement or the sale of a business, I always take the emotional side of transactions into account.

What passions do you pursue outside of work?

I absolutely love the work I do with my clients, so it oftentimes feels more like fun than real work. My husband claims that I thrive when in motion, so you will rarely find me sitting still. In northeast Ohio, which has always been my home, my husband and I enjoy raising our kids. Fortunately, kids keep you active, which is a perfect match for my personality as I like to stay busy. To this point, I traded leisurely weekends in my youth to travel to horse shows around the country because that was my passion. Today, as an adult, I happily spend any free time I have with my four kids watching them compete on the lacrosse fields, or enjoying family time together on the water or ski slopes. Life with four kids is never dull, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Outside of my family, I find joy in giving back to the community through my various nonprofit board roles. Making the world a better place for children is my area of focus.