UHNW Relationship Manager

Liz Willmonton

Luxury Is The Absence of Worry

Helping my clients get to the nirvana of their wealth through careful planning and engagement is what I love the most.

What's the best way for people to put their wealth in perspective?

Your wealth can be a gateway to what you love: travel, adventurous experiences, time with family, etc. To get the most out of your wealth, it’s best to understand your underlying values, priorities and goals in life. Where do you want your wealth to take you and your family? Once we understand what matters most to you, we can work to ensure your wealth takes you on the journey best tailored to you and your family. 

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

If you’ve ever seen live theater, or a movie on screen, you’ve felt that cinematic magic when the cast has amazing chemistry. As a life-long theater kid, I learned early on that at the root of the greatest shows is an amazing team working together seamlessly. When I found Bernstein, I saw an ensemble of experts from different walks of life who would come together and deliver the best service for my clients. I love working alongside people with diverse backgrounds, because when everyone brings forward their own unique experiences, we can come together to solve problems from all angles and perspectives. Each family comes with its own distinctive experiences, values and history, so it helps to have a team from all walks of life to best meet them where they are. 

What personal accomplishment makes you the proudest?

Learning how to ski as an adult. As a former NCAA Division 1 cross country runner, I’ve always been exceptionally good at running in circles, but coordination was not in my toolbox. Years later, I found myself living in Colorado, where the main event in the winter is to head to the mountain to ski with friends and family. While 6-year-olds whipped past me on the trails, I made myself run ski drills day after day, fall after fall. My inner athlete didn’t want to just get down the mountain but wanted to learn the proper techniques and become a great skier. It was a humbling experience that taught me that you can learn new skills no matter what age if you truly commit yourself. I now go through life looking for the next fun skill to develop; we will see what is next!