Timothy Schlatter

Advisor Headshot

Clients Can Tell Me Anything

I empower clients to execute their custom financial plans. After beginning my Bernstein career in a service role, I’m thrilled to be an advisor. This role is a perfect fit for my personality as I am resourceful, responsive and detail-oriented.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

I recognized from day one the significant responsibility that is synonymous with being a financial advisor. To this point, I wanted to work for a firm that had the same values as myself and make it easy to have my clients’ needs take precedence. Bernstein, a true fiduciary, made me feel secure that I would be able to treat my clients right, which is why I sleep soundly. As I have the utmost respect for my clients, it gives me great peace of mind to know that every decision here is made with one philosophy: keeping our clients top of mind. As I began my career at Bernstein in a service role, I quickly realized that I was surrounded by brilliant people who had the same core values as myself. By taking me under their wing, these mentors have helped me to grow professionally and personally. Aside from Bernstein’s culture of integrity that allows me to best serve my clients, it’s the lifelong friendships I’ve made here that I’m am most grateful for.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being an advisor to your clients?

The most gratifying part of my job is seeing clients empowered enough to execute their custom financial plans. It’s an amazing, hard-to-describe feeling to be a part of your clients’ success. Success is uniquely determined by each client and may include gifting money to children or various charities, selling a business or aligning investments with your social beliefs. Whatever the circumstance or financial goal may be, I thoroughly enjoy every element of helping clients create the best plan for it. While I certainly enjoy giving financial, numbers-driven advice, I’m always thrilled when a client comes to me for guidance that has nothing to do with money. This could be helping their child find an internship, recommending a great restaurant or just talking sports. Being that trusted person who they feel they can tell anything to is a great honor, too.

If you didn’t work for Bernstein, what else would you be doing?

For ten years, I coached baseball on nights and weekends and loved it. I am a huge sports fan and highly competitive, so coaching was a perfect complement to my wealth management career. The skills I learned playing sports growing up, like discipline, teamwork and determination, also made me a better wealth manager. Having the opportunity to inspire the next generation was rewarding as was the ability to bring my childhood full circle. I was fortunate to have great coaches growing up and wanted to inject the same confidence into the amazing people and players I met, as my coaches did for me. Yet, while my initial intention was to positively impact the players, I never imagined the impact they would have on me! I was particularly inspired by one young man who rode the bus for three hours each morning to get to the baseball camp that started at 8 AM. He’d paid for the camp with his own money, and I was deeply touched by his commitment, grit and industriousness.