Wealth Advisor

Francisco Baixauli

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Naturally Positioned to Help My Clients

As a member of an international family, I enjoy serving the multifaceted needs of global families and professionals. I pride myself on guiding global clients on how to preserve generational wealth so they can have a stable, enjoyable future.

What inspired you to join Bernstein?

The vision I had for my career path was to make a significant impact by helping others succeed. I started my journey in an open platform that offered clients a variety of opportunities to achieve their goals. However, I quickly realized this approach felt impersonal as the decision-making was outsourced to managers. I wanted to be more involved in the process. So, I later moved to a multi-family office, with a boutique approach, where the firm’s and client’s interests were aligned. However, it lacked world-class resources. I realized that I need to work for a firm with a boutique approach and institutional resources. Bernstein was the perfect match, as it met all of my needs. My international roots also make me excited to work for a firm with a diverse culture and global families as clients. I love building relationships with my clients and helping them preserve generational wealth for a sustainable future. Finally, I’m able to help others succeed.

How have your values and personal background uniquely positioned you to work with your clients?

I come from a family of notable doctors based in Spain. Essentially, I grew up in an office environment surrounded by complex situations that were rooted in generational wealth. Yet, early on I knew that medicine wasn’t for me, so I educated myself in finance. Using my creativity to solve challenging issues related to significant wealth excited me. The goal in my family’s medical practice is to help their patients reach a solution. In finance, although the severity of the circumstances is different, I similarly use world-class research and resources to provide favorable outcomes for my clients. Like the doctors in my family, I enjoy learning about family dynamics and building genuine relationships that are focused on the next generation. In my work with global families, I relate to the structure of the family as it’s often similar to my own. This makes me feel like I am in the right lane and naturally positioned to help my clients.

Which personal accomplishment makes you proudest?

My proudest accomplishment is that I was able to build a successful life in the US. It was a tough decision to leave the security and comfort of my family in Spain who have lived on the same street for over a century. They selflessly encouraged me to attend the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and later start my career in Miami, Florida. Navigating visa permits, financial securities exams, and taking long, hot walks to my first job, wearing a suit and a tie, all became perseverance for the journey. Later on, landing roles at major financial institutions, meeting my beautiful wife and buying our first home together have been my proudest moments. In the end, it took a dedicated vision and temporary inconveniences to build a worthwhile cause: the creation of my home-away-from-home.